Pricing analytics is one of the critical territories of business analytics and has emerged as an important weapon to gain profitability and drive high performance.

Armed with the right information, it is now possible to derive critical insights into the behavior of your customers and how they respond to price and promotions. It enables you to ask important questions such as: What is the most profitable price? Which marketing tactics drive consumer demand the most? How do the various promotional and marketing tactics affect profitability?

Customers who implement the recommendations from these data-driven pricing models can easily achieve improvements in bottom-line profit of up to 10%.

Don’t rely on business intelligence hindsight – get more from your data with Quantimind Pricing Analytics.

Learn How
Determine the impact of discounting on margins, price and promotion effectiveness and product profitability across any/all channels.
Clearly understand where the point of maximum profit or revenue is.
With an accurate product cost, it is possible to calculate the margin at each price point based on the expected sales volume.
Insights can be provided instantly based on an even basic level of sales history. Just historic prices and sales volume by week or month is required.