Outperform the competition and improve business performance with advanced Retail Demand Forecasting solutions from Quantimind.

Our techniques for demand forecasting, especially for retailers, are some of the most advanced in the industry.

The traditional techniques for forecasting consumer demand, such as ARIMA, Box Jenkins, exponential smoothing etc, fall short of delivering a truly accurate representation of how your customers respond in the face of your own pricing and promotion tactics as well as your competitors’ offerings.

More advanced causal techniques are required that model true customer behaviour and go further than simple price elasticity models. Our neural network approach to demand forecasting offers the flexibility to model any causal factors without being restricted to specific functions that may bear no resemblance to the underlying behaviour.

Any type of data can be modelled. Typically for a retailer this would be POS sales history enriched with past prices, promotions, events and any other significant factors that could affect consumer demand. Applying knowledge of the past to predict the future means the most accurate forecast possible given the quality of your data.

These machine learning techniques, when applied to retail demand forecasting, offer you the potential to improve forecast accuracy substantially, which ultimately leads to the following major benefits :

  • Operate a leaner approach to inventory – holding just enough stock to satisfy demand but no more.
  • In so doing, customer service levels are boosted and the number of out of stocks is reduced.
  • Demand can be transmitted upstream to optimise the supply chain. Your whole business is geared towards satisfying the end consumer.

Let us be your partners and we will help you become more efficient and cost effective, ensuring a firm base for growth in the future.

Demand Forecasting Time Series
Take account of all factors that affect demand, including prices, promotions, advertising, seasonality, trend, weather, events.
Generate demand forecasts for any period: Monthly, weekly, daily – even hourly.
Forecasts are automatically generated – always using the latest information.
The machine learning algorithms constantly update and learn from new information as it becomes available.
A visual representation of the forecasts, along with appropriate accuracy measures, ensure you’re constantly informed.
Software as a Service means there is no need to buy expensive infrastructure. We host it for you and just charge you an annual fee to use it as much as you like.